Thursday, 9 August 2012

Game night with Luke, 8th August

Luke popped round for an evening game and we played another Helldorado, this time with the terraforming rules for setting up the battle field. Luke set up all the terrain he could as crevasses between me and him to keep me away from him missile troops. Despite this it was not his evening, I managed to brave his fire and grab the objectives on one side, and on the other side managed to cut through the Dopplesoldiers and claim victory.

Despite this it was a fun little game, although I think I need to add to my Westerners to help Luke out.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Club Sunday 5th August

Luke and I headed up the club on a Sunday for the first time in quite a while to play the Ras-el-Madur scenario from Wargames Illustrated 263. We having been planning to run this for a while. We used the force list from the magazine, but the organisations and stats from Hellfire and back as more suitable for early war.

Luke took the defenders and I took the attackers. My initial advances went well as the defenders failed to see my troops and my pioneers cleared wire and minefields while my tanks knocked out MG pits. However as I advanced the going got tougher as I came in range of 2 and 25 pounder fire and began to lose tanks, while the artillery and small arms fire was beginning to inflict very heavy casualties on my pioneers.

However, although some reserves had arrived for the defenders, I had weathered and destroyed their ambush and the Italians has arrived. They were now moving up towards the battered defenders. The first unit tool heavy casualties and was wiped out, but not before damaging the defenders. I then launched the feared Italian tankettes (!) at the box, and got totally hung up on the wire. A second attempt was more successful and the box fell to the Italians as the tankettes occupied it followed up by their infantry.

To the left of the box the German armour was struggling on the inner minefield and covering 25 pounder, but to the right I was rolling up the MG pits and managed to destroy the 8th I needed to claim victory just as the nearly indestructible I tanks arrived (fortunately these kept breaking down keeping them away from me for as long as possible).

The Axis forces had just managed to claim victory, but it was a really tight game and great fin and proves that FoW can be used for historical scenarios as well as points battles and works just as well.

Above: Attacking the first box, below: Massed armour moves to outflank it

Above: Even of the first position is cleared there was much more to go, below: the Italians move up

Above: The last Aussies in the forward box await the next attack, Below: The last survivor is saved as the Italian tankettes get hung up on the wire
Below: The Italians take the position to claim victory

Club Night 3rd August

Mike arranged a big game of Space Hulk. I liked the idea of this, but was concerned how well it would work. We used the latest rules and tiles, but based the scenario on one from an older edition that linked a number of missions together into one massive board. In fact so massive that we had to have 'scrolling' terrain even with two copies of the box set. We have three players on each side, the Marine players having a squad each and with plenty of blips for the 'Stealers, including the options to have two brood lords!

Things started out well on my side as I combined with one of Mikes teams to advance on what appeared to be lightly held passages. However on thew other side all the enemy seemed to be attacking Steve H's Shadow Marines, and although his two assault cannons were holding them at bay, it was chewing through his ammunition. And then the inevitable happened and he ran out and then his men started to fall and had to fight to the front and rear as they tried to advance.

Then came the that moment of heroism that games like this need. The sole survivor of Steve's two squads got caught at a corner and was attacked by hordes from both directions, but kept holding them off, turning an cutting them down. Once finished he then hurried to catch up with the others.

Back on my side I was burning through Psi-Points trying to keep up a force barrier to prevent the Brood lord advancing on me as my firing was totally ineffective. I finally ran out and he advanced on me and I cut him down with surprising ease!

By now it was getting very late and the marines, although having taken casualties had advanced far enough to cut off the 'Stealer re-enforcements and they admitted defeat, not having enough blips left to counter the remaining terminator marines.

This was a great fun game and I was really pleased how well the big game worked.

Above: The marine starting posotions, below: Marines advance
Above: Blips await the Marines, Below: Steve's Shadow Marine survivor catches up with the others

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Club night 27th July

I ran a couple of small (8-900 points) Flames of War games for David and Dan, two of our newer members. The first game was American Armour against German Panzers. David took the Germans and Dan the Americans. David won the roll off for table side and chose the side with the village, so stayed in good positions while the Americans tried to close to make their firing effective. Once the Americans on one flank had broken, the Germans began to advance and rolled up the surviving Yanks.

Having got the basics of moving, shooting and morale nailed down with just a few units we played a second game, this time with two infantry forces, adding artillery to the mix and objectives rather than just killing each other. Both players kept the same nation and the same table edge, but this time both had to move. On the US right the Yanks advanced on the village and got pinned down short engaging in a viscous firefight. On the other flank both sides advanced and the US artillery proved spectacularly effective, blowing great holes in the German lines. These were expanded by the following up infantry and once the Germans broke the Americans stormed forward to victory.

This was a fun couple of games that just proves that you don't have to use big armies and hopefully has got two new members more involved and keen to try some more games.

Above: US infantry line, below: German line (the big white squares are labels for terrain to help out the new players)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Massive Updates

Over the past couple of weeks I have posted a lot of updates. Most of these where half finished posts I have got round to completing, or uploading the accompanying photos. Now I am up to date again I will try to keep up to date. Hope you are all still enjoying the blog, please share your comments.

Game night with Luke, 24th July

Luke and I managed to fit in our first mid-week game for quite a while and went back to the good old Flames of War. We decided to ply mid war, and by coincidence both try out something different. I took a Compangnia Carri with some allied Panzers and Luke took an Infantry company with I tank support.We played a no retreat mission.
I decided to mass most of my forces down one flank in a single-minded drive for one objective (above), while Luke spread his force more evenly, with slightly more against my main attack, but the other side had a town to complicate matters (below)
As I launched my main attack I quickly encountered problems. We play that we roll a general terrain type up from the 2nd ed. rule book and then roll for type when contacted using the tables from Hellfire and Back. This meant I knew that there were wrecks in front of me, but it was only as I moved forward I discovered most of them were actually minefield which channelled my force even further. To make matters worse my first assault by armoured cars was driven back by defencive fire.

On the other flank I had discovered the 2pdrs in ambush and attempt to assault them but was repelled, so my armour swept to support the other flank. Here I had managed to assault again, but was again repelled except for the last platoon I could attack with, that managed to drive the Brits out of their defences.

There now started a couple of bitter turns of fighting as Luke desperately tried to hold on and prevent my victory while waiting for reserves. It was now a race for me to drive him off properly before the I-tanks arrived and stared rolling me up as I had very little that could cope with them. Fortunately I as just able to drive him off, they had arrived, but had not got near enough to be a threat. The burning wrecks surrounded the objective (below), but the Italians had captured it and won very a hard fought battle.

Club Night 20th July

I met up with Matt and Mike to try out the new 40k 6th edition. Like many gamers I get frustrated by the constant changes, but I understand the need for it as a business. They key thing however is that the rules must be a genuine improvement, and not change for changes sake. From what I had read they had taken a few elements from fantasy battle, which should be good, and tweaked the vehicles rules so hopefully we will get more bodies on the ground again.

I took a force of Eldar, with some allied Tau, to try out the allies rule and to get some more varied troops to experiment with. However my first problem was that I was facing Necrons and Orks. Now in all fairness they had told me that and I remembered as soon as they said, but I had forgotten when I picked the army and was expecting Grey Knights and some kind of Imperial allies. Never mind. Lets see how the rules work and how my mismatched army fairs.

I deployed the Tau on the flanks, fire warriors on one and sniper drones on the other, while the Falcon, dire avengers and war walkers held the centre. I then planned to advance on the flanks with Jet bikes and warp spiders on one and Jain Zar and her banshees on the other. Against this I had a mass of large war machines on one flank with some ork boyz, a mass of Necron warriors in the centre and more Orks on the other flank.

On my left flank my fire warriors deployed but were quickly overrun by the Ork mob, while the fire from their support saw off the Warp Spiders and forced the Jet bikes back and eventually destroyed them.

On the other flank the sniper drones pinned down the Orks enabling the banshees to charge them and avoid their snap fire and wipe them out.

In the centre I poured fire into the advancing hordes but seemed to be having very little affect. When the mega-armoured Nobz smashed through in their truck I knew I was in trouble as they smashed through my centre, which was also be attacked from the flank where the Tau had been overrun. However not everything went their way, although the Scarabs had taken weakened the Falcon allowing it to be taken down, they were destroyed by the Banshees sweeping in from their victorious flank. They were then all mowed down by the Necrontyr, except for Jain who single-handedly attacked, broke and wiped them out.This however was the end of the game and I had been soundly beaten, A combination of spreading too thin, some poor dice rolling and really the wrong tools for the job. Having said that, the Banshees were my best unit by far and would probably have been the last unit I would have picked if I had remembered who my opponents were!

The rules seemed good. I think I need to get my own set, although hopefully for less than the £45RRP and have a good read of them and then play some more games.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Club Night July 6th

Before the Tannenburg terrain gets revamped and modified for next years game (you'll just have to wait and see what it is) I though it was worth using it in its current form one last time, so found my armies and decided to try them with Hail Caesar as something different. Luke and I lined up with the Teutons while Steve and David took a mixed force of Polish and Lithuanians. We set up with the Brother knight and their Sergeants on the left with the militia peasants in the woods on their far flank while mixed knight and sergeant units made up the centre and right with our own foot sergeants on the far right. The Poles set up with Lithuanians on their right flank, poles on the left and their infantry in the centre with a large reserve under the king with their best troops behind them.
Above: Teuton starting positions, below: Polish-Lithuanian starting positions
The Teutons advanced forward slowly, but the Poles were even slower meaning their reserve was stuck behind their main line. The open shooting belonged to the Poles as they fired at some Confrere knights and panicked them into routing immediately. One major combat unit gone already!

It was not looking good, the enemy cavalry was beginning to move round our flank and the Brother Knights were procrastinating! However we then saw the difference between knights and the medium cavalry of the Lithuanians as they were swept away and their infantry began to look exposed as the militia in the wood began to get enthused and rushed through the woods to harry the surviving Lithuanians who had taken shelter there.

On the other flank the massed foot crossbow, with some additional Genoses mercenaries was forcing the Polish cavalry off wide and they were keeping their distance. This prompted us to try our luck against the enemy infantry and despite casualties drove them back. The enemy reserve then counterattacked and destroyed or drove off a large quantity of the battered attackers. However this opened up a gap for the Brother Knights to charge through and we saw how this veteran and well equipped warriors performed as they swept through the enemy knight. Even the sergeants seemed to be more than a match for anything they faced.

Although some of the Polish left had moved past the infantry they were in turn being flanked and with the Teutonic Brothers having swept most of the reserve away it was declared a Teutonic victory.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Club Night June 29th

Bob ran a good sized Fire and Fury which was a nice change of pace to play a multi player game with some fast rules. I took one confederate division, tasked with seizing a town behind a river, while their was some cavalry screening my flank and watching the road through the woods for the enemy army expected to arrive there. The rest of the rebel army was still in camp.

While my fellow soldiers had their breakfasts I pushed forward across the ford while screening both the road and rail bridge. Although initial progress was slow I was eventually able to close without too many casualties on David's Union defenders and start driving them back through the town. As I got on line and then started pushing across the road bridge the defenders became hemmed in and were starting to struggle.

Meanwhile the Union main army had arrived behind me and the rest of the Rebel army was marching out to meet them. Trying to ignore this threat I continued to attack, now reinforced by another division and the result became beyond doubt as the Yanks were driven back to trying to hold the road into town with two battered regiments. I was even able to turn some of my forces back and come on line with the rest of the Southern army to repel the main Union force. With light failing (and the evening getting late) it was declared a Confederate victory.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Game Night with Luke, 27th June

I headed round to Luke's and played another game using the Wizards of the Coast ships, but this time with an amended set of rules for bigger fleets and free movement, and the addition of shields, while the basic combat mechanism remained unchanged. I again took the Imperium and took a fleet of 4 Star Destroyers with a horde or TIE variants against a hodge-podge of Rebel vessels.

I concentrated my forces on one flank and moved forward into a big left hook discouraging TIEs as I advanced. By concentrating the massed fire of the big Star Destroyers I took down one ship after another, knocking out parts of the Rebel fleet with my entire fleet.

I had a few nervous moments towards the end as my two damaged Destroyers were destroyed by waves of superior fighters overwhelming my TIE screen, including the spiteful distraction of Darth Vader towards the end, but I also destroyed Luke Skywalker and the Millennium Falcon in return. I really look forward to trying these out again.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Club Night June 22nd

Steve K and I decided to do a mid-war FoW desert. I took my favourite RECAFM force with the usual mix of light tanks and armoured cars, but with some heavier guns backing them up as I know Steve may use Grants so didn't want to get caught out. As it turned out Steve took an infantry company so I needn't have feared and found myself attacking in a Hasty Attack scenario.

I set the objectives in opposite corners and Steve placed his in the middle so his force was stretched across the entire table before removing one of the flank objectives. Despite this I still planned to attack on both flanks in a pincer, so I would either capture the flank objective or turn the flank and drive for the centre objective.

On one flank I attacked with most of my light armour, the other was my motorcycle mounted infantry and some armour support. The Sevormette supported this flank and the 90mm on Lancia trucks the other flank. While I rushed forward these heavy guns used their giant shells to shoot the Bofors out of their fox holes in the centre, as these high RoF guns cause my light armour real problems. I did lose one to return fire from a MG platoon, but the other was out of range so was safe to engage for the entire game.

My Motocilisti struggled at first as they failed to Avanti off their bikes, but the 25pounders right in front of them failed to do damage and they were able to assault and gradually roll up the heavy guns. On the other flank the armoured cars were stopped initially by defensive fire, but a second attempt was more successful and despite mounting casualties they drove off the infantry platoon and its attached mortars and started to turn for the centre.

However on the other flank the Motocilisti had pushed on and seized the objective and the British had nothing left to drive them back and so the Italians claimed a hard fought victory.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Club Night June 15th

It was time for my second league game, this time against Duncan. The last few parts had arrived so my Razorgor chariots now have beasts to pull them and crew. Now they just need painting, but they can be seen below.

Duncan had a new Lizardman army that was lots of skink skirmishers and couple of big blocks, with a Slaan mage using a Skink priest as his range extender. We rolled up the battle for the pass which again was advantageous for my opponent as it meant there was a smaller line for the big units to hold with the skirmishers able to act as a screen. Meanwhile I could barely fit all the chariots across the valley! And with Chameleon skinks behind me it could be interesting.

I started by advancing all the force but a unit of hounds forward. I began to get peppered with blowpipes and magic missiles. In response my shamans could manage little except for more miscasts! My BSB had his chariot destroyed and the hounds sent after the Chameleon Skinks had suffered casualties. But by now I had closed the range and was able to start charging and wiping out the skirmish screens. I made hard work of the cold one riders but managed to get them and was also able to deal with the threat of the Terahdons.

Once I had dealt with the screen I was able to start on the big blocks and begin to whittle them down by charging everything I could from any direction possible. In the end I didn't manage to do quite enough. The Kroxigor with their great weapons had made a difference with one block and a failed charge meant that I was unable to finish off the few surviving Temple guard and almost certainly their charge, the Slaan, as well. Unfortunately the few survivors of these big blocks meant that the VPs did not reflect what was an incredibly close run game.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Club Night 1st June

Luke and I decided to try another Brink of Battle, initially we were going to use the AWI again but then I remembered my winter WW2 Americans and Germans and we thought we would try these out. Something we wanted to try was more terrain and I took as much as I had and decided to use the vehicles as wrecks. We then discovered the club had a bunch of large pine trees with snow we did not even know about so was able to make a busy little 4 foot square. Luke took the Americans and I the Germans. Our first game was a retrieval mission with the valley between us.

Above: the table, below: Germans take shelter among the remains of the convoy

I launched forces down both flanks while the LMG covered the centre. The Americans had a fire team with a BAR on my right, a small fire team on the left and the Lieutenant and a marksman in the centre. Using cover I hurried forward to take shelter behind the ruined vehicles in the centre. On the right my LMG engaged the BAR team as they tried to pick off the Germans below them.

Above: The covering BAR team, below: the Americans occupy the abandoned foxholes.

In the initial firefight on the right the Americans had the edge and dropped a German. But the Germans struck back and dropped an American and cleared the objective which was a dummy. The engagement escalated and the rest of the Americans on that flank were dispatched. On the other flank neither side has an advantage, although one German had been hit and was down. With the other flank now open the Germans began to exploit and roll up the Americans to claim the win.

Our second game saw us play a recon mission down the table. On the right I made good progress as well as in the centre using the wrecks for cover, but on my left the Americans had jumped forward and caught the Germans in a relatively open position and inflicted a number of casualties.

Above: Germans move out from the ruins, below: Americans start around the Kettenkrad
Below: Germans move down using the wrecks as cover

Despite the early losses in the centre the Germans bought they automatic weaponry to bear on the Americans and inflicted some casualties. Despite this the heavier German casualties caused their force to break off the engagement.

This was a much better game of Brink of Battle. The greater amount of cover and using the Ambush action to jump from cover to cover reduced the casualties from long range fire and large gaps between cover become dangerous as does getting flanked and losing the protection. I really enjoy these games and look forward to trying one pre-firearms and see how the close combat works.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Club Night 25th May

A new Warhammer league has kicked off. Having finished 3rd last year I was looking forward to this and had decided to try something different after a silly conversation earlier in the year. After scouring e-bay I have bought most of the listed Beastmen chariots and am deploying a force with no less than 12 of them, including some Razorgor chariots. Not knowing if this was going to work I hoped at least it would be fun to play. To open the league I booked a game to play Luke's slayer heavy dwarfs with an Anvil of doom. Immediately the gods were not with me as we rolled the watchtower scenario with the Dwarfs starting in it. With only two screens for my Shamans able to attack it, it was going to stay in their hands, just depended what I could do to the rest of the army!

I swept forward around the tower trying to ignore the missile fire. As my spells failed to cast, and actually caused me more losses due to miscasts (by the end both shamans would be dead thanks to their inability to control their magic!). Fortunately the Anvil of Doom was proving equally ineffective.

As my chariots started to impact I started to realise how good this army could be. Attacking in groups of 3 the impact hits could be devastating, and the extra attacks from the Razorgors were proving really useful. Even if I didn't break units I was reducing them so far that it was almost even in subsequent rounds. Gradually I wore down the dwarfs, charging extra chariots in for more impact hits whenever one was killed and a gap created.

Meanwhile on the other flank my hounds and harpies were managing to hold the Thunderers until a chariot arrived to swing the combat. By the end of the game there was only the dwarfs in the tower left, surrounded by Beastmen chariots like some kind of fantasy waggon circle! A good start for the Beastmen Chariot army of doom!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Club Night 18th May

Luke and I played the next in our very slowly running early desert axis of attack campaign. This time the British were attacking, and had rolled a hold the line scenario, so the Italians were not only defending but had extra defences to help them out.

While the Jock Column is good on the move it really doesn't have the strength or heavy firepower to assault a fixed position and suffered accordingly to massed defensive firepower where the small number of men in the units to enable the truck mobility meant they could ill afford the losses and it was an easy Italian victory.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

D-Day Game, 28th April

On Saturday a group of us headed up the club to play a slightly tweaked version of the D-Day scenario from Wargames Illustrated. I tool the Americans on the right Allied beach. Although I had plenty of troops facing me was a wall, bunkers and dug-in Germans. It was not going to be an easy task.
Above: The calm before the storm, below: Americans begin to land onto a crowded beach
As I began to make my landings I came under fire from every angle, but was able to rush up to the sea wall and take cover as I prepared my assault troops to attack and knock out the bunkers, but before I did that I had to deal with the village on my left were lots of fire was enfilading my approaches. With my engineers and rangers armed with flamethrowers able to close up in a very small blind spot I was then able to start attacking and driving the Germans back.
Above: Pushing into the town on the left of my beach, below: "You get moving!", Steve K issues orders to the British armour!

With the village cleared I was now free to start attacking the bunkers. I was able to use the blast wall of the 88mm bunker to avoid fire and close and then assaulted across the barbed wire and survived the final bursts of fire and knocked out the bunker. This just left the machine gun bunkers in the middle which now drove my assaulters back. However with the 88 knocked out I was able to bring some armour off the beach and engage it and knocked it.

Below: And they are off (the beach!)

But as my armour advanced further in shore they came in range of a platoon of PAK40s and quickly started to brew up. But my infantry was beginning to advance and the British were making equally good progress. More importantly to me the American paras were beginning to attack the Germans from behind and had seized their primary objective and was just about holding off the German armour counter attack. Unfortunately 6th Airborne had not fared as well, but as we ran out of time it was clearly an Allied victory.

This was a really fun game. Despite its size the scenario had been well designed and by using the same forces as in the magazine we had quite balanced force and I really enjoyed playing it. Maybe next up should be something big for the desert?

Club Night 27th April

Woff is coming soon and I will make a return. As it is doubles I am being joined by Ed with his Chaos Warriors to fight alongside my Beastmen. We thought we ought to try and get at least one practice game in and Duncan and Mike agreed to take us on with Daemons and Ogres. Against this we had two really big blocks of Marauders, with a supporting unit of Chaos Warriors and a Hellcannon. My Beastmen to provided smaller supporting units for impact hits from the chariots and flank protectors and war machine killers with smaller units, warhounds and harpies.

It was a very good game, the armies worked exactly as hoped, we had a little luck and did serious damage to our opponents and won. This is quite an achievement as I can not remember the last time I beat Duncan at warhammer as he is a very astute player so hopefully this bodes well for the tournament.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Game Night with Luke, 25th April

I headed over to Luke's and we played a little Hammerin' Iron Naval. I played the confederates again and Luke took the Union with plenty of Ironclads while I favoured smaller ram ships. It started well for the south as USS Benton suffered a mishap before it arrived on table and was already damaged and failed to bring the damage under control until it was rammed and sunk by USS Manasas. Meanwhile heavy fire from a usefully placed fort was causing issues for the remainder of the Union fleet, while the Confederate rams prepared to pounce from behind it.

In the end with two Cairo class sunk and the rest of the fleet severely battered, despite the loss of a few Confederate ships it was a decisive Southern victory. I am really enjoying these rules and must get my ships painted!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Salute 2012

Salute is always worth a visit. It is by far the biggest show in the UK and it is always great to meet gamers from across Europe and often even further afield. Traders bring new releases and works in progress for some sneak peaks and a bargain is always to be had. For the club it was the debut of our 2012 game. This has been a pet project for Rick and Steve D and they did us proud with Brave little Belgium. A stunning set of scenery, really well presented, with nice Figures. With our new display board and fancy tee-shirts we are starting to look like we might know what we are doing!

Above: The club members in our fetching yellow shirts, look out for us at a show near you soon, Below: Reserves move up through the Belgium town

Above: Refugees flee the German advance, Below: The Belgium lines

Above: The German lines, Below: Belgium forward lines

Above: Illuminated by its street lights the Belgium town appears to be aflame, Below: The Belgium town

Above: Belgium's favourite journalist and his dog, Below: Vitrix 54mm game using their new plastics

Below: More of the Vitrix Game

There were a number of good games this year, although many were closer to static displays than actual games. I didn't see anything that particularly excited me on the trade stands, but I wasn't looking too closely, as I was after pre-orders from PSC for making a DAK force. More on this to come.

Club Night 20th April

It was AGM night so most of the evening was taken up with talking and planning for next years show. Fortunately nothing was too controversial so we got through it reasonably quickly. Although most members headed off home after the AGM as it was Salute the next day Luke and I stayed on to play a game of Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Battles

This is a very simple set of rules on a square grid, where you can either move backwards/ forwards or left/ right. Despite the limited movement the rules actually play quite nicely. A simple damage system with stat cards that get flipped to the damaged side after a certain level and a nice command point system for getting bonuses it played quite well. Luke as usual had dreadful dice rolls so the Empire crushed the Rebellion (as is right and proper!). I believe there are some modifications to these rules that don't use the grid for some free movement. As Luke is getting loads more of the ships for the classic Star Wars era we will quite probably give these a go.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Crawley MRC Show (Pic Heavy)

Dad and I made another model railway related trip, this time to Crawley Model Railway clubs show held in Horsham. This is a lovely little local show, with good trade support and some really high quality layouts.

Layout 1: 0 gauge, 1943, Stodmarsh. A nice WW2 layout with lots of Dad army stuff going on.

Layout 2: S4 Scale. Bodmin. A super accurate scale model, really nicely presented.

Layout 3: 4mm, Treporro. A really good minimum space layout. A tiny space used but no compromise on quality.

Layout 4: 2mm, Post-war, Siege Street. A nice unusual tram layout

Layout 5: OO gauge, 1950-60, Sutton. A good, well presented layout.

Layout 6: OO gauge (fine scale), 1950-60, Wellbridge. A typical oval layout, but with some nice scenery, especially the viaduct.

Layout 7: O gauge, East Dean. A good looking layout, presented in an unusual format, in that it was end to end, but curved through 90 degrees around you, so you could stand and see the whole layout in one glance and follow locos along the line.

Layout 8: O-16.5 Gauge, Bridport Town. A lovely little narrow gauge layout with beautiful scenery and rilling stock and lots of little details and still managed to get a decent amount of running going on.

Layout 9: OO gauge, Lulworth Camp. A nice layout with a military twist.