Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Club Night 27th April

Woff is coming soon and I will make a return. As it is doubles I am being joined by Ed with his Chaos Warriors to fight alongside my Beastmen. We thought we ought to try and get at least one practice game in and Duncan and Mike agreed to take us on with Daemons and Ogres. Against this we had two really big blocks of Marauders, with a supporting unit of Chaos Warriors and a Hellcannon. My Beastmen to provided smaller supporting units for impact hits from the chariots and flank protectors and war machine killers with smaller units, warhounds and harpies.

It was a very good game, the armies worked exactly as hoped, we had a little luck and did serious damage to our opponents and won. This is quite an achievement as I can not remember the last time I beat Duncan at warhammer as he is a very astute player so hopefully this bodes well for the tournament.

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