Sunday, 22 April 2012

Salute 2012

Salute is always worth a visit. It is by far the biggest show in the UK and it is always great to meet gamers from across Europe and often even further afield. Traders bring new releases and works in progress for some sneak peaks and a bargain is always to be had. For the club it was the debut of our 2012 game. This has been a pet project for Rick and Steve D and they did us proud with Brave little Belgium. A stunning set of scenery, really well presented, with nice Figures. With our new display board and fancy tee-shirts we are starting to look like we might know what we are doing!

Above: The club members in our fetching yellow shirts, look out for us at a show near you soon, Below: Reserves move up through the Belgium town

Above: Refugees flee the German advance, Below: The Belgium lines

Above: The German lines, Below: Belgium forward lines

Above: Illuminated by its street lights the Belgium town appears to be aflame, Below: The Belgium town

Above: Belgium's favourite journalist and his dog, Below: Vitrix 54mm game using their new plastics

Below: More of the Vitrix Game

There were a number of good games this year, although many were closer to static displays than actual games. I didn't see anything that particularly excited me on the trade stands, but I wasn't looking too closely, as I was after pre-orders from PSC for making a DAK force. More on this to come.