Wednesday, 2 May 2012

D-Day Game, 28th April

On Saturday a group of us headed up the club to play a slightly tweaked version of the D-Day scenario from Wargames Illustrated. I tool the Americans on the right Allied beach. Although I had plenty of troops facing me was a wall, bunkers and dug-in Germans. It was not going to be an easy task.
Above: The calm before the storm, below: Americans begin to land onto a crowded beach
As I began to make my landings I came under fire from every angle, but was able to rush up to the sea wall and take cover as I prepared my assault troops to attack and knock out the bunkers, but before I did that I had to deal with the village on my left were lots of fire was enfilading my approaches. With my engineers and rangers armed with flamethrowers able to close up in a very small blind spot I was then able to start attacking and driving the Germans back.
Above: Pushing into the town on the left of my beach, below: "You get moving!", Steve K issues orders to the British armour!

With the village cleared I was now free to start attacking the bunkers. I was able to use the blast wall of the 88mm bunker to avoid fire and close and then assaulted across the barbed wire and survived the final bursts of fire and knocked out the bunker. This just left the machine gun bunkers in the middle which now drove my assaulters back. However with the 88 knocked out I was able to bring some armour off the beach and engage it and knocked it.

Below: And they are off (the beach!)

But as my armour advanced further in shore they came in range of a platoon of PAK40s and quickly started to brew up. But my infantry was beginning to advance and the British were making equally good progress. More importantly to me the American paras were beginning to attack the Germans from behind and had seized their primary objective and was just about holding off the German armour counter attack. Unfortunately 6th Airborne had not fared as well, but as we ran out of time it was clearly an Allied victory.

This was a really fun game. Despite its size the scenario had been well designed and by using the same forces as in the magazine we had quite balanced force and I really enjoyed playing it. Maybe next up should be something big for the desert?

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