Thursday, 26 July 2012

Club Night 20th July

I met up with Matt and Mike to try out the new 40k 6th edition. Like many gamers I get frustrated by the constant changes, but I understand the need for it as a business. They key thing however is that the rules must be a genuine improvement, and not change for changes sake. From what I had read they had taken a few elements from fantasy battle, which should be good, and tweaked the vehicles rules so hopefully we will get more bodies on the ground again.

I took a force of Eldar, with some allied Tau, to try out the allies rule and to get some more varied troops to experiment with. However my first problem was that I was facing Necrons and Orks. Now in all fairness they had told me that and I remembered as soon as they said, but I had forgotten when I picked the army and was expecting Grey Knights and some kind of Imperial allies. Never mind. Lets see how the rules work and how my mismatched army fairs.

I deployed the Tau on the flanks, fire warriors on one and sniper drones on the other, while the Falcon, dire avengers and war walkers held the centre. I then planned to advance on the flanks with Jet bikes and warp spiders on one and Jain Zar and her banshees on the other. Against this I had a mass of large war machines on one flank with some ork boyz, a mass of Necron warriors in the centre and more Orks on the other flank.

On my left flank my fire warriors deployed but were quickly overrun by the Ork mob, while the fire from their support saw off the Warp Spiders and forced the Jet bikes back and eventually destroyed them.

On the other flank the sniper drones pinned down the Orks enabling the banshees to charge them and avoid their snap fire and wipe them out.

In the centre I poured fire into the advancing hordes but seemed to be having very little affect. When the mega-armoured Nobz smashed through in their truck I knew I was in trouble as they smashed through my centre, which was also be attacked from the flank where the Tau had been overrun. However not everything went their way, although the Scarabs had taken weakened the Falcon allowing it to be taken down, they were destroyed by the Banshees sweeping in from their victorious flank. They were then all mowed down by the Necrontyr, except for Jain who single-handedly attacked, broke and wiped them out.This however was the end of the game and I had been soundly beaten, A combination of spreading too thin, some poor dice rolling and really the wrong tools for the job. Having said that, the Banshees were my best unit by far and would probably have been the last unit I would have picked if I had remembered who my opponents were!

The rules seemed good. I think I need to get my own set, although hopefully for less than the £45RRP and have a good read of them and then play some more games.

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