Saturday, 23 June 2012

Club Night June 22nd

Steve K and I decided to do a mid-war FoW desert. I took my favourite RECAFM force with the usual mix of light tanks and armoured cars, but with some heavier guns backing them up as I know Steve may use Grants so didn't want to get caught out. As it turned out Steve took an infantry company so I needn't have feared and found myself attacking in a Hasty Attack scenario.

I set the objectives in opposite corners and Steve placed his in the middle so his force was stretched across the entire table before removing one of the flank objectives. Despite this I still planned to attack on both flanks in a pincer, so I would either capture the flank objective or turn the flank and drive for the centre objective.

On one flank I attacked with most of my light armour, the other was my motorcycle mounted infantry and some armour support. The Sevormette supported this flank and the 90mm on Lancia trucks the other flank. While I rushed forward these heavy guns used their giant shells to shoot the Bofors out of their fox holes in the centre, as these high RoF guns cause my light armour real problems. I did lose one to return fire from a MG platoon, but the other was out of range so was safe to engage for the entire game.

My Motocilisti struggled at first as they failed to Avanti off their bikes, but the 25pounders right in front of them failed to do damage and they were able to assault and gradually roll up the heavy guns. On the other flank the armoured cars were stopped initially by defensive fire, but a second attempt was more successful and despite mounting casualties they drove off the infantry platoon and its attached mortars and started to turn for the centre.

However on the other flank the Motocilisti had pushed on and seized the objective and the British had nothing left to drive them back and so the Italians claimed a hard fought victory.

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