Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Club Night June 15th

It was time for my second league game, this time against Duncan. The last few parts had arrived so my Razorgor chariots now have beasts to pull them and crew. Now they just need painting, but they can be seen below.

Duncan had a new Lizardman army that was lots of skink skirmishers and couple of big blocks, with a Slaan mage using a Skink priest as his range extender. We rolled up the battle for the pass which again was advantageous for my opponent as it meant there was a smaller line for the big units to hold with the skirmishers able to act as a screen. Meanwhile I could barely fit all the chariots across the valley! And with Chameleon skinks behind me it could be interesting.

I started by advancing all the force but a unit of hounds forward. I began to get peppered with blowpipes and magic missiles. In response my shamans could manage little except for more miscasts! My BSB had his chariot destroyed and the hounds sent after the Chameleon Skinks had suffered casualties. But by now I had closed the range and was able to start charging and wiping out the skirmish screens. I made hard work of the cold one riders but managed to get them and was also able to deal with the threat of the Terahdons.

Once I had dealt with the screen I was able to start on the big blocks and begin to whittle them down by charging everything I could from any direction possible. In the end I didn't manage to do quite enough. The Kroxigor with their great weapons had made a difference with one block and a failed charge meant that I was unable to finish off the few surviving Temple guard and almost certainly their charge, the Slaan, as well. Unfortunately the few survivors of these big blocks meant that the VPs did not reflect what was an incredibly close run game.

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