Sunday, 1 July 2012

Club Night June 29th

Bob ran a good sized Fire and Fury which was a nice change of pace to play a multi player game with some fast rules. I took one confederate division, tasked with seizing a town behind a river, while their was some cavalry screening my flank and watching the road through the woods for the enemy army expected to arrive there. The rest of the rebel army was still in camp.

While my fellow soldiers had their breakfasts I pushed forward across the ford while screening both the road and rail bridge. Although initial progress was slow I was eventually able to close without too many casualties on David's Union defenders and start driving them back through the town. As I got on line and then started pushing across the road bridge the defenders became hemmed in and were starting to struggle.

Meanwhile the Union main army had arrived behind me and the rest of the Rebel army was marching out to meet them. Trying to ignore this threat I continued to attack, now reinforced by another division and the result became beyond doubt as the Yanks were driven back to trying to hold the road into town with two battered regiments. I was even able to turn some of my forces back and come on line with the rest of the Southern army to repel the main Union force. With light failing (and the evening getting late) it was declared a Confederate victory.

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