Sunday, 22 April 2012

Club Night 20th April

It was AGM night so most of the evening was taken up with talking and planning for next years show. Fortunately nothing was too controversial so we got through it reasonably quickly. Although most members headed off home after the AGM as it was Salute the next day Luke and I stayed on to play a game of Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Battles

This is a very simple set of rules on a square grid, where you can either move backwards/ forwards or left/ right. Despite the limited movement the rules actually play quite nicely. A simple damage system with stat cards that get flipped to the damaged side after a certain level and a nice command point system for getting bonuses it played quite well. Luke as usual had dreadful dice rolls so the Empire crushed the Rebellion (as is right and proper!). I believe there are some modifications to these rules that don't use the grid for some free movement. As Luke is getting loads more of the ships for the classic Star Wars era we will quite probably give these a go.

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