Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Crawley MRC Show (Pic Heavy)

Dad and I made another model railway related trip, this time to Crawley Model Railway clubs show held in Horsham. This is a lovely little local show, with good trade support and some really high quality layouts.

Layout 1: 0 gauge, 1943, Stodmarsh. A nice WW2 layout with lots of Dad army stuff going on.

Layout 2: S4 Scale. Bodmin. A super accurate scale model, really nicely presented.

Layout 3: 4mm, Treporro. A really good minimum space layout. A tiny space used but no compromise on quality.

Layout 4: 2mm, Post-war, Siege Street. A nice unusual tram layout

Layout 5: OO gauge, 1950-60, Sutton. A good, well presented layout.

Layout 6: OO gauge (fine scale), 1950-60, Wellbridge. A typical oval layout, but with some nice scenery, especially the viaduct.

Layout 7: O gauge, East Dean. A good looking layout, presented in an unusual format, in that it was end to end, but curved through 90 degrees around you, so you could stand and see the whole layout in one glance and follow locos along the line.

Layout 8: O-16.5 Gauge, Bridport Town. A lovely little narrow gauge layout with beautiful scenery and rilling stock and lots of little details and still managed to get a decent amount of running going on.

Layout 9: OO gauge, Lulworth Camp. A nice layout with a military twist.

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