Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Club Night 3rd August

Mike arranged a big game of Space Hulk. I liked the idea of this, but was concerned how well it would work. We used the latest rules and tiles, but based the scenario on one from an older edition that linked a number of missions together into one massive board. In fact so massive that we had to have 'scrolling' terrain even with two copies of the box set. We have three players on each side, the Marine players having a squad each and with plenty of blips for the 'Stealers, including the options to have two brood lords!

Things started out well on my side as I combined with one of Mikes teams to advance on what appeared to be lightly held passages. However on thew other side all the enemy seemed to be attacking Steve H's Shadow Marines, and although his two assault cannons were holding them at bay, it was chewing through his ammunition. And then the inevitable happened and he ran out and then his men started to fall and had to fight to the front and rear as they tried to advance.

Then came the that moment of heroism that games like this need. The sole survivor of Steve's two squads got caught at a corner and was attacked by hordes from both directions, but kept holding them off, turning an cutting them down. Once finished he then hurried to catch up with the others.

Back on my side I was burning through Psi-Points trying to keep up a force barrier to prevent the Brood lord advancing on me as my firing was totally ineffective. I finally ran out and he advanced on me and I cut him down with surprising ease!

By now it was getting very late and the marines, although having taken casualties had advanced far enough to cut off the 'Stealer re-enforcements and they admitted defeat, not having enough blips left to counter the remaining terminator marines.

This was a great fun game and I was really pleased how well the big game worked.

Above: The marine starting posotions, below: Marines advance
Above: Blips await the Marines, Below: Steve's Shadow Marine survivor catches up with the others

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