Thursday, 28 June 2012

Game Night with Luke, 27th June

I headed round to Luke's and played another game using the Wizards of the Coast ships, but this time with an amended set of rules for bigger fleets and free movement, and the addition of shields, while the basic combat mechanism remained unchanged. I again took the Imperium and took a fleet of 4 Star Destroyers with a horde or TIE variants against a hodge-podge of Rebel vessels.

I concentrated my forces on one flank and moved forward into a big left hook discouraging TIEs as I advanced. By concentrating the massed fire of the big Star Destroyers I took down one ship after another, knocking out parts of the Rebel fleet with my entire fleet.

I had a few nervous moments towards the end as my two damaged Destroyers were destroyed by waves of superior fighters overwhelming my TIE screen, including the spiteful distraction of Darth Vader towards the end, but I also destroyed Luke Skywalker and the Millennium Falcon in return. I really look forward to trying these out again.

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