Sunday, 30 January 2011

Club Challenge, Crawley vs. Warlords

We have a couple of club members that frequent both ourselves and the renowned South London Warlords and they organised a two legged 40k challenge, the first would be a home game for us followed by an away trip to London, with the home side playing the 'good' guys and the away side the 'bad' guys. I turned up with my Eldar and joined Steve H and Mike with Marines and Rick with his Guard, with Colin as an extra player to help us out against a primarily Chaos force, with some support from some traitor guardsman (some beautiful figures that almost inspired me to go back to this as one it has always been one of my on the back-burner ideas), some Orks and some Dark Eldar.

With the Imperium forces holding the centre my Eldar were split on the two flanks with Colin commanding half and me the other half. On my flank I advanced quickly through the jungle terrain towards the traitor guardsman who held the hill on the opposite side of the table. A massed flurry of Shuriken fire almost cleared the first objective which I duly advanced on to contest while my jetbikes earned themselves the respect of all by holding off and then beating some chaos hounds in close combat.
In the centre the Marine and Guard did their best to hold against an onslaught of Daemon princes with Lash of Submission, Thousand sons and plenty of Khorne berserkers.
On the other flank the Eldar again advanced towards a section of the Ork horde taking advantage of what cover they could to close on the other objective despite the mass of Orky shooting. They eventually reached it, only for some Chaos Terminators to teleport in and drive them back.
On my flank I was doing well, even despatching a summoned Bloodthirster with my Shining spears, until a Dark Eldar Talos arrived and proved just too much for my Eldar, who by this time were batter and quite stretched.
In the centre the Marines were just about holding, despatching a Daemon prince and causing some chaos for the Chaos forces with our own unit of teleporting terminators, but our forces were gradually being pinned back and the final assualt almost overwhelmed us.
Victory was awarded on a point for each turn one of the seven objectives was held. With the advance of the Eldar on the flanks and having been able to choose the most advantageous table edge we had taken an early lead, but gradually the Salute team pulled level and took the lead to claim outright victory.

A great time was had by all and some new friendships formed and I eagerly await the rematch when Crawley will attempt to get their revenge.

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