Sunday, 30 January 2011

Club Night 21st January

Duncan and I were joined by Luke and Chris D for a slightly different FoW. I took allies for a change, using a Polish force (count as Fearless Trained, but replace British Bulldog with for your freedom and ours, and cost points as for Indians) dug in defending against a German armoured attack. using my new barbed wire and Luke's new 25 pounders to give e no less than 12 guns I thought I had a pretty good chance.

I took the right flank and Luke took the left. When the Germans set up it was clear Luke was going to take the brunt of the attack, and his problems only increased as he took some serious casualties from the initial bombardment while I escaped relatively lightly. I easily saw off the armoured car patrol that advanced on me, while Luke had more problems.

Three tank platoons advanced on him, shelling him with their 50mm and 75mm guns as he failed save after save, and even failed his fearless morale tests, despite the re-roll from for your freedom and ours. The tanks avoided the mines, and some even ran the risk a few times, crushed the wire and overran Luke's battered forward platoon as the anti-tank gunners assigned to support them fled.

However as the German panzers swept round the hill that dominate the centre of our lines they finally game in direct fire rage of our 25 pounders and things began to change as they got heavily shelled. Finally the survivors fled leaving numerous burning wrecks behind them and taking the C-in-C with them.

At this point the Germans graciously accepted defeat. Our re-enforcement where arriving, they had not taken over 50% losses, but only had a single surviving armoured car skulking way behind their own lines and two infantry platoons about to try and advance into our fresh troops and a mass of artillery across open ground and their future didn't look bright (or very long). Tobruk had held for now.

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