Monday, 3 January 2011

Dystopian Wars Prussain Navy 3

I have continued work on my Prussians, trying to make the most of the Bank Holiday before back to work tomorrow. I have painted all the metal work Vallejo Natural Steel with any gun barrels in Gunmetal. The engines, Tesla coils and any interesting bits of pipe got a coat of Old Gold. This has a bit more sparkle than any bronze colour I had, but is still dark enough not to look too shiny. The tops of the funnels got a coat of dark grey. Ultimately these will get some coloured stripes as well as I read about the Germans using this in WW1 to identify squadrons so I think this has a precedent and will be quite useful.

I also painted the windows. This was easier than I had feared. I painted the whole window with natural steel, then painted the centres with a thinned blue (about 2 paint to 1 water). As the window is recessed this worked well and left the raised trim in the steel. I am really pleased with how these are coming out. I have done the battleship, 2 cruisers and 6 frigates. I will complete the last cruiser, frigate squadron and the bombers. Once they are done I will look at doing the Zeppelin and the fighters.

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