Sunday, 30 January 2011

Club Night 28th January

Duncan agreed to run a Konigskreig SYW game set around the battle of Gros Jagersdorf, pitting his lovely looking Russians against his Dad's British masquerading as Prussians. We are still playing an earlier version of Konigskreig, that has been used in the club for longer than I have been a member, but they prove that if its not broke, don't fix it as the game was hugely enjoyable.

Duncan and I commanded the Russians advancing around a large wood towards the village. Against us Bob commanded the Prussian cavalry against our right and Rick the infantry against our left, with more infantry in reserve. The Russians attacked forward as aggressively as possible and the cavalry battle swung back and forth as the better quality of the Russians told one moment and the number of the Prussians the next.

On the other flank Rick closed on the Russians, using the Prussian ability to conduct two actions to his advantage (an action is move or shoot and most troops can only do one, enabling the Prussians to start out of musketry range and advanced and shoot before their opponent can reply). Very slowly the Russians were driven back, holding on more tenuously than expected and even driving the Prussians back at some points of the line, but eventually the end of the evening drew on and the Russians were falling back rapidly and it was decided to declare a Prussian victory.

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