Saturday, 15 January 2011

Club Night 12th January

Steve K joined me, Luke and Duncan for a Flames of War. This time Steve and Luke took the British as two armoured companies, one of Crusaders and one of Honeys. Against this Duncan and I took the Axis again, a Bersaglieri battalion and a DAK schutzen company, defending in cauldron battle. Duncan took some great photos so I will let them and the captions tell the story of the battle, but after a close run thing the Axis forces just managed to break the British forces and scrapped a victory.
Above: Italian Deployment, Below: British right flank artillery
Above: British Bofors on the left flank, Below: Armoured cars advance.
Above: British armour closes on the enemy, Below: The first casualties
Above: The defensive lines, Below: Stuarts launch an attack
Above: The Stuarts attack the Italians, Below: But with 20mm ATR they drive them off
Above: Bersaglieri arrive to silence the British AA, Below: DAK advance in the centre.
Above: Burning tanks in front of the Italian positions, Below: A second assault by fresh Stuarts break the defences
Above: The armoured cars join the attack, Below: British finally break through
Above: And finally overrun the last positions, Below: leaving a gap in the lines to be plugged.
Above: British Crusaders arrive on mass, Below: British Infantry moves past their supporting artillery
Above: Italian ATG knock out a company commander, this would prove decisive in the end, Below: Germans counter attack advanced British infantry.
Above: DAK Panzer drive the British back, Below: The first tank on tank battle.
Above: British scout carriers sneak forward, Below: while the infantry close on the previous defencive line.
Above: The armoured cars close on the objective, Below: British armour comes under fire from German tanks and lose one in a ball of flames.
Above: Italian armour arrives and falls to 6pounder fire, Below: German Panzers push the counter attack on, breaking the British Stuart company having lost their C-in-C earlier.

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