Saturday, 1 January 2011

Dystopian Wars Prussain Navy 2

I have continued working on the Prussians. I painted all the decks a mahogany sand from Vallejo. Already this has improved the look of the ships immensely.

After I had finished this I stepped away. When I came back I decided it was too dark, especially as I plan on using army painter which can darken the colours slightly so I gave it a rough dry-brush with a deck tan - mahogany sand mix, and then on the carrier down the flight paths a pure deck tan.

I then painted the dazzle pattern camouflage on First the black, then the white, covering a l0t of the back so it is just a fine edging to one side of the white. The think to remember about dazzle camouflage is unlike land camouflage the intention is never to hide the ship as this is virtually impossible at normal engagement ranges. Instead he aim is to make predicting speed and direction harder so targeting becomes more difficult and I think this succeeds quite well.

A final note is that you will notice that I have painted the bombers the same as the ships. Since they are essentially the same as the ships in design (a bow, decks, funnels) I decided they would use the same scheme and just do my fighters in the flying circus colours of WW1.

The whole lot is coming together quite quickly and I like the way the models look.

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