Saturday, 5 February 2011

Club Night 4th February

We kicked off Luke's Operation Crusader campaign with the initial moves of the British trying to turn the line south of Bardia and the Axis committing Ariete into a spoiling attack. As this was the only battle we had we decided to play three game with the same forces, but different terrain and missions and play the best of three for the campaign result.

Rick met Steve D with a meeting engagement and by pressing forward managed to win his battle. Steve H and Mike took on Steve K in the same mission, but this time the Allies seized the initiative and won the day. So with one battle left this would be the decider. And with each side having decided which table they would fight on without knowing their opponent I came up against my old adversary Luke.

However it was not to be my evening as Luke was defending with numerous 2 and 25 pounders in a Cauldron scenario and all I had was armour to throw at him, which I valiantly did, but to no avail. The British had won the first battle and held the Italian attack.

This left the supreme commanders to make their next moves. I fortunately won the initiative for the redeployment phase and was able to deploy the Germans and Trieste using the escarpments to extend my lines to prevent any further unopposed British attack. As we moved on to out combat actions I launched 21st and 15th panzer into attacks on the British right, while on their left, south of Tobruk they attacked Ariete and 90th Light divisions. These battle would be resolved on the Sunday.

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