Saturday, 21 August 2010

Painting Italians

I have been off work this last week and decided to use my holiday to paint my flames of war. I started by priming them with white gesso. I used two thin coats as it is the first time I have used this and was a little cautious. I then used Vallejo paints and a GW spray gun connected to my Revell compressor to basecoat them, first with the recommended colour in the North Africa book, then an overspray of the same, mixed about 2:1 with Buff.
After this I then block painted them, primarily with Vallejo, but a few GW here and there. They are now ready for army painter. I am going to use the lightest tone as, again, this is a new product for me and I do not want to over power and darken the primarily very light tones used.

Sevormette 47s, L6 (all battlefront)

Objectives (Battlefront, converted battlefront and PP)
Sevormettes, Motocilisti troops (all battlefront)

British Armour(all battlefront)

British Bofors AA (all battlefront)

Surrendering Desert Rats Objective( Italians by Battlefront, Brits by PP)

Infantry (already done with army painter) (all battlefront)

AB41s (all battlefront)

M14.40s (all battlefront)

British Kittyhawks of 112 squadron (Minfigs 12mm scale)

Italian M200s (Minfigs 12mm scale)

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