Friday, 6 August 2010

Club Sunday 1st August

Luke and I attended the monthly Sunday meet for the first time in a while to try out Warhammer 8th edition again. This time we upped the ante and played 4,200 points allowing me to field all my beastmen (including the recently re-based Ungors) and 1,000 points of Daemons. Against this Luke fielded his Dwarfs again, even feeling so confident with them to stop into our local GW on our way to buy the army book to replace the one he has mislaid!

The terrain we rolled up definitely favoured the Dwarfs, not only was there a lot, it included a large quantity of blessed bulwarks, and a Dwarven brew-house, among the many items that benefited the forces of order. Not to be discouraged we deployed, and I tried to ignore the large blocks of infantry opposing me.

With the Daemons on my right and my Centigors and hounds on my left the centre was filled with my blocks of Beastmen, with a unit of Daemonettes held behind as a mobile reserve and to deal with any miners that turned up uninvited. Winning the first turn I pushed my troops forward, knowing that as a primarily close combat army the Dwarfs would also advance and I would get the charges.

In the Dwarf turn the Chalice of Dark rain dampened their firing and all looked good, but then they sounded the rune of dismay and a lot of my unit failed their leadership test and were unable to charge, so I would have to face the fire from the enemy missile troops anyway.

On the right the Centigors charge the Ironbreakers and fought them valiantly for most of the rest of the game, their Drunken bravado making the stubborn being invaluable. When the hounds finally helped out, them were actually more of a hindrance than a benefit.

On the left the Daemons charged, but the Daemonettes failed their charge so the Seekers and Fiend went in alone and took heavy casualties being outnumbered before the Daemonettes caught up.

In the centre the Minotaurs and Giant charged the Hammerers and the Shield borne Lord in the shadow of the Brew-house. The sheer number of attacks the Minotaurs managed to put out, backed up by their stomp and the giants thunder stomp crunched through the Dwarfs, but the General held (mostly as I forgot their bloodgreed attacks), eventually chasing the monsters off, before being crushed by the rallied Giant.

Meanwhile the Beasts through themselves at the huge unit of slayers. With heavy magic support they began to carve through them, reduction of WS and T proving fatal for them. However the longbeards proved a tougher proposition.

On the right the Daemons had finally seem off the quarrellers and where now attacking the Dwarf warriors, but again the big unit made it hard work, until they finally were cut down and they moved on to the thunderers.

By the end of the game (we played about 8 or 9 turns, we stopped counting) the forces of Chaos had been wiped out, and the Dwarfs, albeit battered, and in smaller numbers than they started, held the field.

Again the new edition produced a fun game, and Luke really demonstrated the benefits of big units. His 30 strong units in three ranks were able to generate so may attacks that the smaller units of beastmen could just not match them. I think more Gors are in order. But for now I have my new seekers on order and plan to try and finish off and paint my Daemons as the Slaanesh Daemons could be a real force to reckon with in the new edition, and the many plastic Daemons now available means I can economically expand it to other pantheons if I desire.

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