Thursday, 19 August 2010

Club Night 18th August

A mid week club gathering saw myself, Rick and Mike take the role of the Germans, trying to hold the line against a Russian attack under Steve H, Steve D and Ian.
The Russian attack began (below) with the hordes advancing. The German retaliated with air-strikes (which were totally ineffective) and artillery (which was slightly less ineffective). By turn 3 things were looking good for the Germans. The Soviet infantry had been pinned down since turn 1, lost 2 teams to artillery, and the commissar had shot 3, before being shot himself. Perfect!
By now the German heavy tank reserves had arrived (below left) and were deploying ready to meet the Soviet juggernaut. We made short work of the leading wave of T34s. But the second wave was much tougher, consisting of ISU-152s and Is-2's (below right).

The Soviets now pushed there attack on the German right were we had deployed forward to protect the objective. The huge rocket battery (below) now opened up and started to crash down among these defenders, but their foxholes protected them from the worst of the fire.On the other flank the Panthers and the Pak 40s had stopped and then finally destroyed the SPGs, while the Tigers where holding up the JS-2. AS the Panther moved to support the other flank they began to take casualties from the massive Soviet guns. and the infantry took casualties near the objective and had to abandon their positions to contest the objective. However this local counter attack, support by infantry, SP-AA firing directly and the armour inflicted heavy losses on the Soviet infantry that had finally caught up with the tanks, and broke them. This now left just the rockets and a sole surviving JS-2 for the Soviets so they conceded defeat. The Germans held them today, but hey will attack again shortly...

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