Saturday, 28 August 2010

Club Night 27th August

Battle of Brock's Field, Chickamgua.

Steve K and I decided to play a another Black Powder ACW, but to use 6 Fire and Fury bases a unit and half scale to see how this worked on our club 9 x 5 tables. I was to write the scenario, but remembered reading the scenario for Brock's field in Wargames Illustrated recently and thought this would be perfect so tweaked it for our rules and off we went.

Steve took the Rebel forces since they were his toys, forcing me to play my less preferred northerners. We were also joined by Ken (Reb) and Luke (Yankee) later in the evening.

The Rebs took the first turn and moved forward on their left, but after 1 regiment hurried forward to seize the high ground in the cornfield to their front, the rest of the brigade hesitated and advanced no further, leaving the enthusiastic regiment out on its own. In retaliation the Union forces blundered about and failed to advance successfully.

Having finally sorted themselves out the Rebs began to advance and the Union moved to met them, although they continued to fail to bring up their artillery. On the Union right they had seized the high ground and deployed around it,but where under heavy fire from Rebel artillery. In the centre they finally managed to advance and engaged and drive off the enemy and took the central hill. On the left the Union had to brave artillery fore in their advance up the hill, but finally manged to drive off the confederate regiment and occupy the hill.

However by this point both sides where heavily battered and close to breaking. With the arrival of Stahl's brigade on the confederate right to re-enforce them it became vital for the Union to break the enemy without breaking themselves. On the right where Stahl had arrived the Union attacked the remains of their existing opponents and broke them, only to have Stahl fall upon their flank and break them in return, while in the centre and right the Union and confederate forces ground each other down and broke each other.

This was a really close scenario and ended with the historical result of both sides too worn down to do claim victory.

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