Monday, 23 August 2010

Building a Fiat 508 Torpedo Militare in 15mm Part 2

I decided to do the front bumper and wheel arches in the end. I sanded the existing bumper as flat as possible and glued a length of microstrip across the front of the car, and then filled the gap between the bumper and the radiator and the front wheel arches with some little pieces to provide some solidity when I start green stuffing.

I started with the green stuff by filling in any small gaps in the door frames. Hopefully I have caught all these but only once it is primed will I truly be able to tell. I then filled the gaps under the wheel arches to make the model more solid and did some minor repair work on the rear right arch where it looked uneven with the left.

I then filled the gaps in the front and smoothed them out to follow the curve and flair of the front arches. I think I get them even and about right. I also made a little green stuff case to sit on the seat next to my officer.

Now I am ready to glue the missing headlight back on and then for priming and painting.

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