Saturday, 21 August 2010

Club night 20th August

Tonight I played a couple of small (1,500 point) Warhammers with Mike to get a bit more practice of the rules. He took Tomb Kings, while I took my Empire. I built the army around a 38 strong halberdier unit led by a General of the Empire with Icon of Magns, to avoid those pesky fear and terror tests, and a warrior priest, so the unit became a horde. They had detachment's of 15 swordsman and free company to support them. To this I added 15 Greatswords, some flagellants, a great cannon, a small unit of 5 knights and a battle wizard with the lore of light ready to banish the undead foes.

The first game was very short and sweet. The new magic rules made it very difficult for the Tomb King Priests to cast any spells, even though my Wizard killed himself with his first spell. My Knight and Greatswords saw off one unit, and the flagellants cut down the bone giant and it was quickly all over.

Mike made some tweaks to his army list and we lined up for a second game.

This time again the Tomb Kings struggled. Again their magic was ineffective, the way they use magic will need some closer examination. On one flank their cavalry was successful in grinding down the knights, and then the Greatswords, thanks to presence of a later of khaine giving them bucket loads of attacks. A double 1 meant the Bone giant rolled the only score that stopped its charge, so was again attacked by the flagellants and crushed. The frenzy, re-rolls, extra strength from the flails, and now an extra rank, really make them very tough troops in the first round of a melee. In the centre the halberdier block fought its way through and again the Empire claimed victory.

The change in the magic rules made it very tough for the Tomb Kings, with an average winds of magic roll I had enough dispel dice to stop almost all of their magic, preventing that unearthly vigour that usually makes the difference for undead, combined with the reduction in the effect of fear made it difficult for them. Time to visit the forums and get some advice before the next game.

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