Saturday, 14 August 2010

Club Night 13th August

At the last minute the Space Marines expecting to fight the Orks where let down by their Grey Knight allies, so they called for Eldar support, which I duly provided. A 4,000 point game, with normal organisation, but an extra slot of each troop type made an interesting challenge. The marines had taken all the heavy support slots, but that left me with all the fast attack and a number of elite slots to play with. 2 large guardian squads were joined by harlequins, aspect warriors and led by an Autarch.
The Orks were also not what I expected, lots of small mobz all mounted in truckz. The opening salvos from the marine heavy weapons made short work of a lot of the trucks and left the boyz to have to trudge across the table anyway (below).
On the left flank the Eldar jetbikes swept round to try and draw some of the Orks away from the objective.
Boyz quickly hit both ends of the allied line, one mob attacking the fort that had been nicknamed the Alamo, the other moving through the buildings and overrunning the thunder-fire cannon so quickly that even using their flip belts the harlequins could not move through the terrain quick enough to save it. In the centre a huge mob, joined by stormboyz crashed into the guardians defending the gap between the two built up areas (above). And they held for far longer than anyone expected enabling a second line to be formed.
Meanwhile Swooping hawks and terminates landed near the Ork objective, but then disaster struck and the Autarch and the Warp Spiders had a terrible mishap and never materialised from the warp. The Orks immediately launched a counter attack and wiped out the Eldar rapidly, but the Marines in the dreadnought armour proved a tougher proposition and they would fight long and hard before finally being pulled down by weight of numbers, the Librarian-Captain being the very last marine on the battlefield before he finally fell.
In the centre the Warboss had lead his mega armoured nobz in and this swung the balance. An assault from the harlequins looked like it might salvage the line, but as soon as the Orks got into the swing the Eldar were left bloody and broken. The surviving Orks pushed forward to the woods held by another big guardian squad, but under the heavy fire from the freebooterz they began to take casualties and when the elite Orks finally assaulted them there was little they could do and they were driven off the objective, with just a handful so survivors.
The Orks had won, managing to almost wipe out both armies opposing them, but only at the cost of terrible casualties on their own side. This was one of the most fun 40k games I have played in ages, and the fact we were still gaming gone midnight shows how much everyone enjoyed themselves. Jim took some photos with a better camera and when I get them I will post them for you all to see.

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