Saturday, 3 September 2011

Club Night 2nd September

We had planned to be joined my some members of South London Warlords to play a 7YW game, but unfortunately they couldn't make it, but we still played a game. Bob and I took the French against Austrians under Scott and Steve K using the Konigskreig rules which are nice and quick and fun.
We also used the 'hidden' movement system for the first time and I think Bob and I got caught with this as our dummy bases were quickly removed, while Scott kept his near the back of the table enabling him to activate them instead of another command and so letting them activate their 'fighting' commands after ours and always take advantage of whatever we did.

This advantage combined with some poor dice rolls on my part meant that my cavalry was quickly routed and our line was in danger of being turned, while in the centre our infantry was driven back leaving a victory to the Austrians.

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