Saturday, 10 September 2011

Post 200!

So, as I make an attempt to catch up with my blogging, I find I have reached 200 posts. What I achieved in the last couple of years then. Well there are at least 16 people out there following the blog, and I know a lot of the club member read and are amused by my take on events! Most importantly it has given me some focus to my gaming and painting. I have been able to look at what I have painted and see my progress, and reflect on my games and my mistakes, and hopefully learn from them.

Most importantly of all though, is I have enjoyed writing it and sharing my gaming with other gamers. I love my gaming as it is a sociable activity and to be able to share it with a wider audience is fantastic.

So now on with the next 100 posts, with the Blood Angels virtually finished, the next projects are Malifaux and Helldorado as something a bit different,

Thanks for reading


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