Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Club Night 16th September

Having missed the last game I persuade Phil to run another Check your 6 air combat game as I really wanted to try out these rules. He fortunately obliged and run two scenarios for us based on the start of the Battle of Britain.

The first game saw me commanding flight of Hurricanes, chasing down some unidentified aircraft under Phil(history is unsure what they were but most likely RAF Blenheims), while some of the shiny new Spitfires under Bob attacked me in turn. yes, this was the historical recreation of the first aerial kill by a Spitfire and not a Jerry in sight!

I swept around to try and use my superior speed to run down the more ponderous aircraft and happily ignore the Spits' as why would my own side fire on me! However they did damaging one of my Hurricanes, which eventually crashed after I tried to climb after the 'enemy' bombers and stalled and my green crew were unable to recover. The rest if the Spitfires made attacks, but missed and then broke off as they ran out of ammunition. I managed to make a few passes at the bombers inflicting some damage before I also ran out of ammunition.
We then had time for a second game. This time involving the enemy! Bob and I shared some Messerschmitts while Phil took the British photography mission (I think they were flying Defiants, but I can't recall). Here the German should have had the advantage, but one of the down sides of air (and naval) games became apparent. If you don't play them regularly you don't have a full enough understanding of the limitations and manoeuvrability of your craft and fail to take advantage of it fully or place you self in poor positions. And this is what Bob and I did, not flying to take full advantage of our aircraft, while Phil made full use of his. This combined with our poor shooting and the annoyingly accurate Brits meant we failed to chase them down, took damage ourselves, although mostly ran out of ammo firing from disadvantageous positions.

Despite this I really enjoyed this, and a possible project for next year is the Jet-Age update, flying wither over Korea or Israel.

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