Sunday, 28 August 2011

Club Night 26th August

As a total change, for the first time in a long while I participated in a big game with no less than 10 members involved. We used to play games like this quite a lot, but with the space we have and varied interests it hasn't happened as often so was a refreshing change. We played a Fire and Fury scenario organised by Steve H. It was a particular battle, but I forget which, although this shouldn't reflect on the organisation which was second to none.

Ian took the Union left flank against Rick, with Mark supporting to Ian's right. On our right was Andy against Colin, while Bob and I attacked up the middle with Scott supporting us, against Chris Jones, with Steve K bring up the reserves for the Rebs.

Attacking into a mass of guns and infantry in defences was always going to be a tough proposition, but we made it to the enemy lines faster than I had expected with lighter casualties. Except on the right flank, where Andy had rolled to see what the enemy cavalry was doing and it turned out General Forrest had swept around our flank and arrived behind our lines forcing a defensive action and a massive and rapid redeployment of our cavalry to counter this (historically this could have happened but didn't hence the dice roll).

We attacked the enemy trenches and were initially forced back, but with Scott's support arriving I managed to push into the trench and out the other side, only to be repulsed by Rebel reserves and pushed out again. Next time I attacked with Scott and Bob at the same time and we pushed in to the Rebel centre at various points, but again were met by a viscous counter attack that drove most of us out. A third attack made it in to the trenches again, but any further counter attack would be devastating as my brigades were all close to spent and the brigades of Bob and Scott's division were not in much better shape.

So a victory for the Rebs, but the Yankees had pushed it closer than anyone expected and a really fun game to play, both for scenario and rules, and the camaraderie.

Above: Hidden behind a rule book the Confederate flank attack arrives, Below: the Union rightAbove: The main Union attack in the centre, Below: The Rebel line is breached for the first time

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