Sunday, 11 September 2011

Club Night 9th September

Steve K and I decided to play some Flames of War but to go back to mid war and not campaign enabling us to freely pick from the lists and use some troops we haven't used for a while and for Steve to try out his armoured cavalry regiment.

We played the Dust Up scenario from Hellfire and Back, and I immediately came unstuck. I was using my favoured Squadrone Esplorante, but Steve had reinforced his light armour with 2 Lee-Grant troops which would cause me big problems. And when he got the first turn, it went from bad to worse as he was able to shell my Lancia trucks with their 90mm guns and destroy them with ease. This then left only my 75mm guns with the slightest chance of dealing with the big British tanks ad he astutely avoided them.

Above: The heavily armoured British, Below:The Italian defenders

I managed to push the game to its limits with my reserves, but the outcome was never really in doubt and I lost. Fortunately we had time for another game. This time I was defending in a hold the line scenario which suited my forces slightly better. I remember it was a good game, but I have taken so long to write it up I forgot who won (probably means it wasn't me!), so moral of the story is to try and blog more regularly

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