Wednesday, 30 March 2011

London Toy Soldier Show, 26th March

I headed up to Russell square to join the Skirmish Wargamers at the King and Country Toy Soldier fair. This is a great show for us large scale gamers and there was lots to see. AS ever many beautiful painted collectors figure. A gorgeous mounted British officer for AWI, only £120!

We played a Pegasus bridge scenario organised by Ted using a new set of rules written by our group called Tales of Derring-Do! This a re great fun and have many of the elements of the classical Skirmish Wargamers rules but updated to be far more playable, and I look forward to trying them out some more.

Mike managed to pick up a lovely little plane from Traditions of London. It is a cheap Chinese tin-late job, but the one they had painted up looked unerringly like an Auster so perfect for SOE and partisan games. I took it away with me to fill the edges and then spray in green. Below is the model after I had given it a gentle rub down with some fine sand paper to remove any irregularities from the surface and some of the glossy paint so any coat I apply takes a bit better. A bargain for just £15.

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