Sunday, 6 March 2011

Club Sunday 6th March

Steve K ran a nice little ACW using Black Powder. Set just before first Bull Run, I managed to persuaded Steve to finally let me play the Rebs with Simon, while he took the Northerners. I deployed two brigades staggered forward right back towards my centre, with my third brigade covering the wood that lined the valley to prevent my mainline being flanked.

The Union began by advancing through the woods on my right and generally along the majority of their line. I moved my cavalry forward into the woods to harass the column and advanced the two advanced brigades.

However my cavalry was not able to stop the columns effectively and they deployed into skirmish lines and began to drive through the woods. The centre of my line had advanced, but only with two regiments, that now found themselves exposed and coming under fire from their front and right flank and began to take heavy casualties, before finally breaking. Meanwhile against my right the Union left had tried to advance, but blundered and fell back, but I was not able to take advantage of this as my supposed better commanders where proving to be anything but.

By now on my left the Yanks had pushed into the woods and a worrying gap was beginning to open up so I had no choice but to order the third brigade to advance which it did with surprising alacrity compared to the rest of the army and quickly pushed into the woods and started a drawn out fight that would eventually see the Union troops pushed back by the confederates.

However this was too little too late as the survivors of the second brigade had advanced to try and plug the gap left by their comrade and came under the same intense fire, while the right advanced piecemeal and although 1 regiment drove through the enemy lines the others where taking heavy casualties from fire and the Union brigade had finally extracted it self from the woods and was turning the Rebel flank.

Tragically this meant a decisive victory for the Union, Steve had written a good scenario, with the northerners having the advantage of bigger units, but poor commanders, but my dice rolling totally failed to take advantage of my better command and the greater size of the Yankee unit eventually told in the battle of attrition the firefights degenerated to.

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