Monday, 7 March 2011

Painting Blood Angles III

I started 'dipping' the models tonight. I used Army Painter strong tone applied with a brush and then lifted off so it was left in the recesses and didn't settle too much on any of the large flat areas of the armour. It has changed the colour slightly and made everything darker., but experience from my FoW Italians has told me that the flat coat can change the look of the colour again so I will need to just wait and see. Doing the few death company I managed seemed a bit pointless against the black, but the lighter areas still needed the shade so has to be done!

Above & Below: Some 'dipped' figures and some still to go to show the difference. Very shiny as still wet!
Above: Tactical Squad, Below: Captain and Honour Guard
Above & Below: Assault Squad
Below: Death Company

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