Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Club Challenge, Warlords vs. Crawley

We headed up to the Warlord for the return match. Unfortunately a river had been set up along the length of the table and this really spoilt the game for me as it so restricted the room for manoeuvre on a relatively small table for the size of forces we were using.

Some of the highlights though were John-Paul's beautiful Kreig guardsman (it was also his traitor guard that where so inspirational last time).

Another highlight was also thanks to John-Paul as our Traitor Baneblade opened up on the loyalist Macharius and punched through its armour and triggered a chain reaction that resulted in a massive explosion that also killed a number of the surrounding troops.

We lost this game in the end as we failed to cross the river in sufficient force to make an impact on the enemy.

Despite the result I would still like to do some more games with the Warlords.

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