Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Club Night 1st April

We played through a couple more campaign games. Duncan and Ryan attacked Tobruk with Luke defending. Again they pushed the British very close and although they failed to break through, they destroyed the defending infantry brigade which is now going to stretch the British line a their forces are reduced.
In the other game I (assisted by Chris D's dreadful dice rolling) defended Steve K's attack south of Sollum. This was going to be a tough game. Although my force was dug in and outnumbered the attackers, they had 6 infantry tanks that were virtually invulnerable to my heaviest available guns. To counter this I set up a heavy anti-tank obstacle across the table, with my main defences further back.However this proved to be a slight mistake, as the Indians moved past their engineers they overran the observers and so prevented me from successfully shelling the pioneers and preventing them from breaching the obstacle, and because they attacked under darkness, my main defensive line was too far back to put covering fire on the obstacle.The 8th army forces cleared the obstacle and unleashed their tanks (or as quickly as you can unleash as slow tank!) towards my lines. I managed to force some to be abandon a couple of the tank with the 75s that had survived the initial bombardment before they were destroyed by the CS Matildas.

It was then a desperate attempt to repel them with whatever I had to hand and some I threw engineers with flame-throwers and all the infantry I could at the tanks in an attempt to stop them. And I was almost successful.

I forced them all to be abandoned and so destroyed as they could not fall back, but lost my final attacking force in the process, which included my company commander. However the Indians needed to take a company morale first, which they past, leaving me to automatically fail mine as my turn came round.

This meant the Italian lines south of Sollum where now breached. As Sunday was mothering Sunday I was not at the club, but Steve H took over the Axis forces against Steve K. The first battle they had to fight was an incredibly outnumbered Italian force falling back against this breakthrough. Although they lost, they managed to avoid any further damage. The Indians then continued to push through, moving to cut off Bardia, they ran into the 15th Panzer and were defeated, losing one of their infantry tanks forces.

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