Sunday, 6 March 2011

Club Night 4th March

I played a couple of 1,000 point FoW games against Chris Dell to give him a chance to learn the rules better. Since I only have my Italians and Chris only has DAK we conducted some 'training' exercises.

The first game was a hold the line with the Germans defending. Initially my reconnaissance force did its usual job of rushing forwards and overrunning the front German lines quickly. This forced Chris to keep sending troops forwards piecemeal to deny my victory, until his armour arrived and I had nothing to stop the heavy armour and my company broke.

The second game was a breakthrough scenario and again I used my speed to flank the defending Germans and push them back and managed to destroy the first platoon and the kampfgruppe with the antitank guns in. However on the other flank my artillery failed to impact the German armour in the direct fire role and were destroyed by the counter fire. My company then broke before my reserves arrived.

Meanwhile Duncan was commanding an attack by 90th Light against the South Africans who had been beaten back earlier in the campaign. After some initial difficulties the reserves arrived and Duncan was able to claim victory and wipe out one brigade and seriously damage the other.

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