Saturday, 23 April 2011

Club Night 22nd April

Most of last night was taken up with our AGM. Although my game proposal was voted down, I am quite excited by seeing what the other game ends up like and it is good to have two more club members making terrain.

After the AGM I took the Germans against Luke's Americans and Steve K's British in a game of Axis and Allies D-Day. While the Americans struggled to get off the beach, the British made good progress eventually drove on and took Caen.

I tried to form a second line diagonally from Omaha beach south, but the Americas finally broke out of Utah and attached up towards Cherbourg. However I then saw an opportunity, the British had failed and taken heavy casualties in an attempt to take St Lo, so I launched an counter attack, wiped out the British and retook Caen, resulting in a decisive German victory.

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