Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Club night 8th April

Duncan and Ryan had set up a Warhammer, for Duncan to finally try out 8th edition. They kindly let me join in, so I added my Daemons to the ones already loaned to Duncan by Ryan against his Dark Elves.Centre around a block of 40 Spearmen Ryan had a fairly aggressive army, but still with a unhealthy dose of shooting. Against this Duncan and I fielded two large blocks, 1 of Bloodletters and 1 of Plaguebearers.

It didn't start very well for us as we quickly lost our Seekers to the opening volleys. We marched relentless forward and I discovered why Ryan didn't seem to have a lot of troops out. Hidden in the Spearmen was a Sorceress with the reverse ward save item which meant she tied my herald up in a challenge, while the BSB with always strike first banner resulted in a lot of spearmen striking first against me, and I couldn't make a ward save which didn't help.

Eventually Duncan and I were simply ground down by the Dark Elves who proved annoyingly resilient, although we did rather satisfying kill the Hydra before it did anything with Pit of Shades cast by our Tzeentch herald.

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