Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tunbridge Wells, Cavalier 2011

This Sunday saw the Cavalier wargames show at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge. It seemed quieter than it has previously, but this was not all bad as the games seemed more spaced out and there was some room to move around. This saw the last outing for Tanenburg/Grunwald and we had a fun game and again had a fair amount of interest.
The best demonstration games was won by Loughton Stroke Force with a beautiful WW2 next to us. There were even actual sewers built into the boards. It looked wonderful.
The best participation was a clever little game based on the raid on Taranto by the Royal Navy on 1940. A simple board with mono-chrome harbour to give the night feel and some nice models with clever interchangeable height markers. A really simple set of rules that were fun to play and hosted by some enthusiast and knowledgeable club members who thoroughly deserved the prize.

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