Saturday, 5 February 2011

Club Sunday 6th February

Sunday saw a great gathering of warriors ready to fight in the North African desert as Operation Crusader continued. With so many players I decided as supreme commander I would not play, but helpfully lend advice where it was not needed and oversee my grand plan!

Rick and Steve D saw each other across the table again, this time with Rick conducting a fighting withdrawal which he did successfully, holding the British advance.

Steve K played the role of the British while Steve H and Simon attacked him. First was a breakthrough by 21st Panzer. After some initial bad luck the Germans were on the back foot and defeated, a second attack by 15th Panzer met with similar results, although got very close.

Finally on the third table Chris D and Duncan conducted two excellent defences with 90th Light, first against a South African infantry attack which they decimated, and then against an armoured attack which pushed them closer, but they still held.

With the first round of battle almost completed, no attack had yet been successful, but, I hope tellingly, the British lost a number of support units and had a number of units battered, while the Axis forces came off slightly better. All that is left is for an Italian attack on Tobruk and then the exploitation moves and turn 2 will be complete.

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