Sunday, 27 February 2011

Club Night 25th February

On Friday, Duncan joined me for his first game of 40k in a very long time. He has lots of Cryx for Warmachine and so used them as proxies for Daemons (with some nifty labels so we all knew what was what and there where no surprises!).

Our first game was an annihilation mission which I feared would play into the Daemons hands. Luck began to play to my advantaged though as the Bloodletters and one of the Daemon princes tied to deep strike near my men and failed so I was able to place them far from my troops. However his Plague-bearers arrived near my Dark Reapers and immediately attacked the Howling Banshees who had deployed to defend them. Despite the power weapons the great toughness made this very difficult.

This however freed up the Masque to attack the Reapers themselves while the Scorpions dispatched the surviving Daemonettes after they had been whittled down by Guardian fire. They then joined the Shining Spears in destroying their second Bloodthirster (they had destroyed one in the game against the Warlords) before moving on to help out the Banshees.

The Bloodletters and the second greater daemon had now gathered and began to attack the Guardians. Despite the withering fore they made it in and inflicted casualties and wiped them out.

As they pushed into the defensive line the game came to an end with victory for the Eldar.We had time for a second game, this time based around capturing objectives. After a vicious and bloody fight involving numerous close combats both sides were decimated and neither could claim victory, although as I had the only unit of troops on the table I claimed I could actually win while tar Daemons could not.

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