Sunday, 13 February 2011

Painting Blood Angels

Inspired by our big 40k game recounted here I have finally made a proper start on my Blood angles successor chapter, originally to be called Sons of Sanguinius, now possibly the Sons of Baal or the Choir of Baal. Still don't need to decide just yet. The plan with these is to paint them faily flat and quickly and use Army Painter to finish them off, so I broke out my Citadel spray gun and my compressor and my new spray booth and set to work.
Above: Some Marines base coated in GW Foundation paint Red,
Below:The honour guard in gold and Librarian in blue
Above: The first part of the force base coated,
Below:a close up of the force
Above: Honour gaurd after a thin brown wash to add some depth and guide painting,
Below: The complete force, with half having received a spray of blood red from above to rich up the colour and provide some deep shading where the foundation red shows through.
Above: Close up of the Blood Red sprayed force
Below: Death company finished except for bases and Army painter. Detail picked out and some hard edge highlighting applied to weapons and armour, but otherwise flat colour.
Above: More of the Death Company ,
Below: A Death company member (the flash has changed the colour slightly)
Above & Below: More close ups of the death company

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