Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Club Night 2nd June

Last night was just a little affair with just me and Luke attending. We played Blood and Bridges board game from Lock and Loads World at War series, a hex based board games set during WW3 in 1985. We played two scenarios, the first was a quick recon clash to remind ourselves of the rules, which although I inflicted heavy casualties on Luke's British and got some Russians off the table, I narrowly lost due to a sudden downpour slowing my troops down (from the great new battlefield chaos counter and table) and the loss of both my valuable T-80s not balancing the casualties I had inflicted.

The second game was a more substantial affair with a force of Royal Dragoons and 3rd Queens regiment counter attacking dug in Russian. Again a fun and close game but one that lead us to question the victory points system, as under the normal victory conditions, it was a draw which we felt was fair, with me probably in the weaker position, as although we held two objectives each, I didn't have much to stop Luke taking the rest, but he had not taken them in the time allowed. However VPs gave it as a crushing NATO victory, which didn't seem right to us. Luke had not fulfilled his primary objective and his force was very battered. A Victory for the British, yes, but a crushing one, no. Still we still had fun and the post game debriefing is always half the fun!

Find out more about World at War series here.

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