Saturday, 6 June 2009

Club Night 5th June

Last night I played a Flames of War with Mike. Not sure about the basic scenario, feels a bit contrived and not very period, but the more I play the rules (this was the third time) the more I like them. Simple, fun and they have a nice feel to them.

I took Panzergrenadiers against Americans and it was quite evenly matched, with the casualties my rockets were inflicting on the US infantry giving em the edge while the US artillery could not find the range.

The Shermans, especially with the 76mm seem a bit overstated, but otherwise a very fun game, and look forward to doing some more and trying some of the other scenarios. The game also generated a lot of interest from the others at the club, so this could be the start of 15mm WW2 at CWC.

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