Monday, 8 June 2009

Mighty Empires Border Patrol

Sunday saw a group of us combine a quick Border Patrol tourney with a Mighty empires campaign to make it a bit more fun. I ran a Mighty Empires about a year ago so it was already to go, we set up a map, put down 5 capitals and picked 500 point Border Patrol armies.

The Mighty Empires part followed the 'guidelines' in the box, with a few additions, mostly the addition of some Might Empire cards I made, which are inspired by a number of sources, but can give bonuses on the battlefield, campaign map, or hamper others. The target was to get 10 territories or remove someone's last flag from the map. AS there was 5 of us, we agreed we would randomly pair off, and then rotate around so we all played each other and then repeat. As one person would always not be playing that player automatically got 2 empire points.

Rik put down an Empire forces, Chris a High Elf force (we let Chris have 2 specials rather than 1 due to the change in the High Elf lists since the original Border patrol rules came out), Ryan took Khornate Daemons, Joe took Dark Elves and I took Slaanesh Daemons.

I sat out the first round, in the second I took on Joe and everything went very nearly according to plan for a change and I got a massacre result. Having played an 'All or Nothing' empire card this enabled me to capture huge swathes of territory and take an early lead.

Next up was the Empire, using my speed I picked my fights and was aided by Rik's inability to pass a fear or break test, I quickly cleared them away for another massacre. With Ryan chalking up his third massacre, it was looking like a battle between the two of us.

With Ryan sitting out this round, I had a great chance to take a lead, but had to come up against Chris, who I have only ever beaten once, at that was at 40k. And is still the case. He laughed off my fear causing, and peppered me with arrows, helped by my inability to make ward save.

Ryan's Daemons came up next. While I reinforced my army with some more Daemonettes, he added a beast of Nurgle as we lined up for the Chaotic showdown. And it was pretty even until right at the death, where he gained the upper hand in the struggle between his herald and Bloodletters and my Deamonettes, and the ability to regenerate kept his Beast going long enough to wear down the Masque. With all my army wiped out, adding General, tale quarters and standards to Ryan's tally, he scored a massacre, but I was pretty pleased with my performance.

Consulting the campaign map, Ryan now had 10 territories, while I was second with 8. All Ryan needed to be doing was till holding them after the next round of battle sand map moves. Ryan took on Chris and his High Elves, while I faced off against the Empire again. Worryingly the Khornate Daemons finished off the High Elves quickly while I was making hard work of the Empire. I had to push the Empire right off their base line to finally wipe them out, but it was much harder than the first meeting. So Ryan and I both scored massacres and now needed to consult the map. Although I was able to push into Ryan's territories , he expanded the opposite side from me and had 12at the end, while I only clocked in at 9. The Empire under Rik and Joe's Dark Elves came in joint 3rd, and the High Elves bought up the rear, suffering from being caught between the two Daemon territories and get pushed in from both sides.

A great fun weekend, that has almost inspired me to get my Deamons finished, only almost because the horse arrived from Essex today, so I am preparing this new mounts for the Oddzial Osmy figures and will then be painting Poles Teutons and Lithuanians.

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