Saturday, 27 June 2009

Club Night 26th June

This week Luke and I tried out a new set of rules. Impetus is by Italian company Dadi and Piombo. One of our club members mentioned it last week, I googled it and found the Basic Impetus free rules. As Luke is just putting together some 10mm Gauls and Romans we thought we would try them out with the rules. Although meant for 80mm wide bases we figures our 60mm Vis Bellica bases would fit close enough.

In the first game I took the Romans and Luke the Gauls. I started as the defender so set up the terrain and deployed my legion centrally with cavalry, auxillia and vellites on my flanks. He overran my flanking units and left my legion trying to form a square in the middle of the table. He finally got a flank and frontal charge on one of my bases and killed it, breaking my army.

The next game saw us swap sides, but I again ended up defending so filled the table with woods. Although I fought the skirmished and cavalry away, although his light cavalry killed mine with a rear charge, his legion refused to advance, forcing me to charge out of the woods into his formed lines. I very nearly broke them, but it was not close enough, and he broke my army again

We had time for a final game so diced to see which side we played, Luke took the Romans again, but this time he was defending, so set up just a road and a hill line. He then deployed the legion across the hill line, this was going to be difficult. The legion was not going to come off the hill so I had little choice to attack. And again after a viscous fight I almost broke the Romans, but again only almost, he narrowly broke me first.

We rally enjoyed the Basic Impetus rules and have booked a game for a few weeks time to try out the full rules, they seemed very easy to play and had a great feel to them. i think they might have real potential to be the rules we use for next years show game.

And on the subject of the show game, once I finished working today I spent the afternoon continuing to assembling the figures for it, All the Poles and Lithuanians are assembled, just the Teutons to go, then texture the bases. I am off work in a couple of weeks time and hope to have them all primed and ready to do some serious painting that week before I get distracted by Planet strike, which I have now advanced ordered and am really looking forward to.

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