Saturday, 30 May 2009

Club Night 29 May

This Friday saw Steve run a Napoleonic Naval, pitting me and Luke, each in command of a 74 against Steve with a pair of British ships using Action under sail rules.

All started well with me tacking to cut between the two British ships, although they had seen what was coming and turned so I missed any racks. And Luke also missed me as he was following a bit close being for my tack!
My first broadside hit the British 60 and bought down its fore mast and damaged its missen mast.

Then I got carried away trying to turn behind the smaller British vessel and forgot about the wind. I have to make a mistake like this at least once a naval game with written orders, and so proceed to turn into the wind, snap the top of my fore mast and leave myself drifting as the 60 gun turned around me and racked me with two broadsides. Fortunately being a small vessel and with the masts i had bought down earlier blocking a number of batteries I got off lighter than I should have.

By this time I had sorted my vessel out again and was back under sail and proceeded to turn around the Brit and try and close to board him. I eventually succeeded in closing with him, but my first attempt failed to grapple. My second attempt was more successful after I realised I had been using a D3 for the last 3 hours and changed to the correct D6, rolled over 3 for the first time in the game and began to board the Brit.

The Royal Navy put up a brave fight, but my superior size and number bought the British vessel under my command. We ended the game now, but didn't look great for me, as the second British vessel was closing, and my companion ship was disengaging after a couple of devastating broadsides had killed a number of crew, while its return broadsides had blown off a section of mast, and there consistently put ever subsequent volley through the gap where the mast had been.

As no sign of the Essex horses, this weekend will be more on the drop pods, in between watching Chelsea in the FA cup final and popping home to help Dad put up a new shed.

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