Saturday, 13 June 2009

Club Night 12th July

This week Rick ran a WW2 skirmish in 28mm using Corner of Hell rules which I always enjoy. Steve K and Ian took the plucky British Commandos, Rick the beachfront defenders, and I took the Ost front veterans on R&R and the Gestapo.

As the Commandos surprisingly tried frontal assaults on the bunkers rather than coming round the flanks and attacking the sides and rears the Germans were alerted nice and early. Despite this the weight of firepower from all the automatic weapons carried by the Commandos quickly began to tell, and the defences in the bunkers started to keep their heads down.

Meanwhile I decided the Gestapo should stay in their HQ and be ready to deal with all the prisoners we were inevitably going to take, while my veterans assembled in an organised manner and then set off to defend the bridges and ensure the 'volunteers' of the coastal defences did not contemplate retreat!

Unfortunately while I was busy deploying (other called it faffing!) the commando finally overran the coastal defences and set about destroying anything important and capturing plenty of Intel.

While Rick claimed I had not supported him quick enough, as he is now KIA, I will of course report to higher command how his force must have surrendered to a small enemy force almost instantly as I immediately deployed when firing was heard and by the time I arrived, it was all over. And as no one is left to contradict my story I will obviously immediately be promoted and posted to the south of France!
This was a great game and I was really pleased everyone liked the Corner of Hell rules and wants to use them again. I look forward to the next game when the Marquis will be terrorising the Jerries.

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