Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Game night with Luke 29th March

Luke was able to pop in before a night shift again and so we set up the terrain and tried Helldorado again, this time with customised forces. Luke again took the Westerners but tried out using some Doppelsöldners to accompany his arquebusers. I used the Daemons and used Tsilla (just because I love the figure) and the Daemon of Flesh, but stuck to a few basic Daemons that I know how to work and the Succubus after her supreme performance last time.

My biggest disappointment was the Daemon of Flesh, who has 8 Life Points, and at the start of its activation can heal up to 8 Life Points. Unfortunately Luke picked up on this and peppered it with gun fire, and aided by some good dice rolling blew it apart before it even was able to regenerate.

In the centre the Doppelsöldners were proving tough, but I discovered one of Tsillas spells ignore armour and this proved to be their downfall. Overall I managed to snatch victory as it was an occupy territory scenario and while Luke had caused my problems by keeping his men in small groups for mutual support, this meant that as the last turn arrived he could not spread out enough and with Tsilla ability to fly and grab an extra territory meant victory was assured for the Daemons.

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